Multi–Polar Magnets

Multi–Polar Magnets*

For Health Sake — Read This!


Research shows electrical pollution is killing us. They fear overhead power lines, air wave communication, florescent lights, computers and even hair dryers and other electrical appliances are affecting our health and energy.


The potentially harmful electromagnetic field set up by alternating currents (A.C. electricity, which runs all of our electrical appliances), interferes with out own energy field and nervous system, which is direct current. Our electro–magnetic energy is life itself.


Many people feel weak, have headaches, or just feel generally ill when they work in front of computers or under florescent lights. They may never feel as good as they would like to. It may be this electromagnetic pollution causing these feelings.


Test for yourself. Stand and put your arms straight out in front of you. Have someone push down on your arm and see how strong it is. Then turn on a hairdryer and hold it next to your body. Or stand close in front of a computer or television that is turned on and test it again. You’ll probably find your arms get completely weak. This is what is happening to your whole body when your normal energy (electrical) field is being bombarded day in and day out by these electric alternating currents.


Even though we cannot do away with all of these abnormal bombardments, we can protect ourselves. A simple multi–polar magnet, no bigger than a credit card, energizes our energy field to protect us. You try it. Put this card in your shirt pocket. Now re–test with the hairdryer near you or while in front of a computer or television. You’ll see yourself stay stronger. You may also have more energy and generally feel better with continual use.


These have also been used for pain reduction by placing them over the painful area and leaving in until the pain lessens or leaves. If it doesn’t help originally, move it to the exact same place on the opposite side of the body, which has to do with the acupuncture meridians of the body.


Multi–polar magnets will many times relieve chronic pain, such as headaches, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, strained muscles, bruises, arthritis, old injuries, back pain or spinal problems. Some of these conditions are caused by frequent electro–magnetic bombardments where our energy field weakens or becomes irritated, allowing symptoms among other things. Have you ever wondered why the old manual typewriters didn’t cause carpal tunnel and the new easy–to–push electric computer keyboards are causing so many problems? The most common surgery is for carpal tunnel syndrome.


The earth is a giant magnet with a north and south pole. Researchers tell us it previously was 4 gauss (a unit of magnet strength). Now the earth’s magnetic influence is only ½ gauss, according to some researchers, due to atomic bombs, etc. We are 1 gauss and are, therefore, literally being drained. There exisits, with life’s electromagnetic energy in our bodies, a delicate balance. William Philpott, MD, also a Clinical Ecologist and a Psychiatrist, in his book, “New Hope for Physical and Emotional Illness”, states many human diseases and discomforts are an imbalance of the north pole and south pole energy in each cell.


When the north pole energy is weakened, the arterial blood becomes more acidic. The normal pH of the arterial blood is 7.40 +/– .05. Viruses, parasites, and other pathogenic organisms proliferate (or grow) in an acidic environment. North pole magnetic energy raises the pH of blood, making it more alkaline, thus possibly eliminating or reducing the overgrowth of disease causing organisms.


Philpot has demonstrated that our energy field is our first line of defense, even before our immune system. So, it is very important to preserve or upgrade our energy field to protect us. You may have heard of a multi–level company promoting magnetic beds, etc. These pocket–sized multi–polar magnets work on the same principal, yet are much less expensive.


This little magnet is placed cloth side against your body. It takes only one card. Place in the pocket of your shirt or pants. Some ladies even place it in their bra to have it next to their body. Most people wear it all day. Some feel they need more energy and find that placing several under their bed, (the mattress pad) helps them at night.


*Credit Card sized multi–polar magnets are for sale at Dr. Becker's office for $20 each. Stop in today to pick one up!


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