--JZ, age 5--


My wife became a patient of Dr Becker when my wife was teaching Dr Becker's daughters ballet. At the time, I was seeing a chiropractor weekly, driving to Horsham, but my adjustments were only holding for a few days. When I began seeing Dr Becker, she began treating the root problem, my digestive tract, which was causing my back to go out. I have had multiple health issues, making my life extremely complicated and challenging, and have over the years seen every kind of specialist imaginable, in both traditional and alternative medicine. However, today I rarely need my spine adjusted. And my Health has improved dramatically after seeing Dr Becker over time.

DM age 68 Hatfield, PA


Dr Becker is great. I had miserable migraines and no other doctor had helped me. Since the first day I saw Dr Becker my migraines are gone and I no longer feel like I am falling apart. I feel alive again. Thanks to Dr Becker.

YS, age 34, North Wales


I sometimes tell people God knew I needed to have Dr Becker in my life when we were led to move to this area 11 years ago. I began coming to her to help me detox from 5 years of cancer treatment. Soon after, I contracted Lyme Disease but have been unable to get it verified by any Dr who could prescribe medication. Dr Becker has helped me survive with the disease for years no with minimal effects to my basic functioning. I don't know how she does it but she helped save my level of functioning in life for many seasons. I am so grateful that she continues to learn and practice.

SD, age 54, Green Lane


Dr. Becker is awesome! Instead of harsh treatments as is typical of many doctors, her treatments are relatively gentel. My neck has been a problem for years, but now it's pain free! I was previously seeing another chiropractor for years that was unable to resolve my neck problem. Now my neck is pain free!

RW, 52, North Wales


Dr. Becker hears and understands the people she works with. She truly helped to keep me going when my health issues were very difficult - I had problem with heart racing and dizziness among other things. She also has a very friendly and accomodating staff that is a warm welcome who is struggling with any health issue!

SG, 69, Telford, PA

I have been a patient of Dr. Becker's for over 20 years. I have a seen her for routine chiropractic care and also, upon 3 separate occasions for serious injuries. I have always felt 100% confident that Dr. Becker would return me to a strong, healty, pain-free condition. Her chiropractic technique is gentle, yet effective. She sometimes uses natural vitamins and herbal supplements  - quite effectively might I add -to help your body move along in the healing process. I have learned over the years that it is not medically necessary in many cases to put your body through the natural vitamins and herbal supplements treat the issue at hand in a much more effective and permanent way. I would encourage anyone considering chiropractic care to visit her office. You will find a pleasant and comfortable office environment and health-oriented staff. Not all the chiropractors are the same, Dr. Becker brings to her practice a unique skill, extensive knowledge, and genuine care for each and every patient she sees. I am 62 years old now and look forward to many, many more years of health and strength!

SA, 62, Landsdale PA

My experinces of seeing Dr. Becker & Dr. Lautermilch has proven to me that there are better ways of healing the body than the traditional medicines and surgeries. I have had a neck, back and hip problems along with occasional digestion problems, all which have been healed through chiropractic. I always feel better physically and mentally when I leave Dr. Becker's office!

DM, 44, Souderton PA

I have been a patient of Dr. Becker's for several years. I consider her a guide to the best health that I can possibly have. She answers all my questions and is a very positive person. I trust her to help me stay healthy in my everyday life and Dr. Becker's assessments of my health have been verified through different methods of conventional medical tests. There are very few health professionals that I have met like Dr. Becker.

IG, 61, Quakertown PA

I was diagnosed with Chronic Limes Disease in 2002.  I began to see Dr. Becker in 2007 and at that point my mental ability had dwindled diwn a good amount. Through my regular visits with Dr. Becker I have been able to stop taking 2 of my 3 prescriptions on a daily basis. My mental alertness and agility has returned, and I am known to even laugh and smile again! Even though I was "treating" this disease before I came to Dr. Becker, my symptoms would always return. Even though I might not be cured of this disease, Dr. Becker is helping me return rto a more "normal", pre-lymes state of life.

Dr. Becker listens to the patient and moves in response to what she is hearing, seeing and sensing about the patient. She treats the whole body  as one, not just an individual part of the body. When needed, Dr. Becker encourages the use of natural vitamins and herbal supplements to help the body through the process of healing. Dr. Becker has a fantastic support staff that is always smiling and greets you with empathy every time you walk through the door.

I strongly believe that through my visits with Dr. Becker I will be healed again, that my symptoms of Lyme's disease will simply be a memory that I can tuck away! I am so grateful that Dr. Becker has taken the time and energy to cultivate the type of practice where she teaches the patient how to live a more productive life, even if they are physically sick. I aslso believe that had I not met Dr. Becker and been open to her alternative way of health care, I would either be deceased or in a mental hospital at this time. When she first saw me, she said that I have had the disease since my early twenties and today I am 52. 

AI, 52

I have known Dr. Becker for approximately 20 years. She has been very knowledgeable in her chiropractic work, addressing all of my problems in those 20 years. Dr. Becker was the only physician I would see whose work always resulted in success in finding the issues and resolving them. Dr. Becker is an excellent chiropractor and person!

BF, 71, Lansdale  PA

Dr. Becker is awesome! Instead of harsh treatments as is typical of many, her treatments are relatively gentle. My neck has been a problem for years, but now it's pain free! I was previously seeing another chiropractor for years that was unable to resolve my neck problem. Now my neck is pain-free!

R.W., age 52, North Wales, PA

Dr. Becker has changed the lives of my family. I am amazed at our results! My son was getting every bug that cam along. He was constantly sick and acting out. Dr. Becker has helped him to repair his immune system and reduce his inflammation. He's a completely different child now.

My daughter didn't have an appetite. She got her appetite back when she takes the supplements that she recommended.

I care for a lady with special needs who has had life long issues with weight, toe nail fungus, mental clarity, cravings, and allergies that have all improved! She's magically shrinking and her cravings are gone and she is healing.

I had a car accident. With regular adjustments, I am pain free. My allergies, migraines, and weight issues are all improving. I thought I was getting too old to mother a toddler but my energy is back and I can keep up better.

I highly recommend her office.

M. S.


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